Thursday, December 15, 2011

15 Weeks // Baby Dotson #2

It only seems fitting to me that we call this one Baby Dotson #2 since we just had Baby Dotson the first time around! I sorta like it!

We are at 15 weeks and I already feel like a hungry hungry hippo!

I have noticed that on the days I run, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday (be it 1 mile or 5 miles) I eat much better. My off days, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday.........I eat everything in sight!

I can't feel any movement yet, just gas.

Baby naming will be do you compliment a name like "Titan"?!?!?!

I'm slowing accepting this early baby bump.

We find out the sex on January 4th, although we may have to wait until the weekend so we can party! :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

First Haircut

My sweet little boy no longer has a mullet. I'm not going to lie getting his first haircut was something I really looked forward to!!! Now his Pawpaw can't make fun of him for looking like a little girl! I didn't make a whole commitment though, we only had Rick cut the bottom of his hair, I couldn't part with the adorable hair on the top just yet!


We started out in the chair....

That didn't last long at all....daddy's lap is much less scary!

"Hey what do you think you're doing!?!?!"

I guess this isn't so bad...

He's so adorable!

I got a little scared half way through and needed a hug of relief from my dad, no big deal.

Look Pawpaw no more mullet!

Now that I'm all finished I'd like to sit in that chair please....

Thanks Rick!

Couldn't resist adding a few extra smiley pictures!

After: (he really didn't want to leave! poor guy!)

This picture is from TW's first haircut with the same barber which is why we chose Rick today!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Round Two

Yep this family is now a family of 4! Wow time flies, I'm pretty sure the last post on here was probably about Titan's 1st birthday and now he's 15 months old and I'm 14 weeks on round two! We've known since the middle of October so if I chatted with you and totally lied about not being ready for more kids I'm so sorry! It was all done in good faith to keep a big secret for a few months! :) We told our parents and close family first and asked them to keep it a secret for a little while. Yesterday we had an ultrasound to determine a due date, which is what we were waiting on to tell everyone. Hubby's birthday is the beginning of June so maybe we'll have a birthday surprise!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Titan's First Birthday Bash!

I planned for months for Titan's first birthday party! It was so much fun to gather ideas and see them start to come into effect. We invited lots of our family as well as all our friends with babies! Titan had lots of fun meeting most of them for the first time! Most everyone invited sported some sort of Razorback gear. It was such a great time to spend celebrating Titan's actual birthday along with the first Razorback game of the season!

My friend Carolyn owner of Num-Nums created the majority of the sweets for us! She made the carmel corn, the red velvet cupcakes, the chocolate covered strawberries, and the chocolate dipped pretzels! Everyone just loved the cupcakes in a jar! Rick's Bakery made Titan's share cake, which I totally thought was ADORABLE! I found the cake on Pinterest and just knew it would be perfect! I made his smash cake by pouring the cake batter in a glass liquid measuring cup.

Time to share pictures!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

Seriously we can't believe you are already a year old! Time has flown!

12 Things about Titan:

1. You have gotten brave and walked on your own after you've been holding onto couches, chairs, and people. The farthest you've walked has probably been ten feet.

2. We are eating lots more foods and like veggies more! That is a happy mom!

3. You can clap.

4. You can play "Where's Titan" where you hide yourself under and blanket and then pull it off so we can say "there he is"

5. You love to ride your car at your Bobo's (Dotson grandma) house. You even crawl over to it, stand up and throw your leg over.

6. We went to the Fair (Uncle Luke won the Bull Riding Event) and we touched a baby calf and rode the Merry Go Round.

7. We rented you some books from the library for the first time and you love them! Your mommy is very excited about this!

8. You dance when you get to steer the car (obviously only on the dirt roads).

9. We had our appointment at Children's Hospital this month and Dr. Jay Kincannon told us he didn't want to see us for another Mastocytosis check up for another year! That's good news!

10. We love bubbles and flashlights, both something we experienced for the first time this month!

11. Your cousin Laycee came to stay the night a few weeks ago and you woke up together and watched cartoons on a Saturday morning.

12. You sure do love all the boys in your family! When any of them walk in the door you immediately want them! It could be your daddy, your uncles, or your grandpa's it doesn't matter!

We love you so much Titan!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Happy Belated 11 Months!

So I'm a bit late posting this by 14 days to be exact but we've been busy and honestly we weren't even home to post! We were in St. Louis celebrating Uncle Andy and Aunt Ally's wedding day! They got sealed in the St. Louis temple on the 3rd of August. After the sealing and the pictures we went out to eat with them at Ruby Tuesday's and then headed home.

Happy Birth Month little guy! We love you and your 1st birthday is right around the corner!

11 Things About You:

1. I'm pretty sure you hate riding long distances in the car! I eventually found Baby Einstein videos on youtube and held my phone up for you to watch them!

2. You are cruising all around the furniture and making leaps to the next piece.

3. You are starting to work on communicating with us and can say Dadda, in fact that was your first word and you now say "up" and throw up your arms when you want to be picked up.

4. You have 8 teeth.

5. You've been to your first wedding and had lots of fun dancing and chasing Ally's pretty shiny dress.

6. We are starting to try and teach you some baby sign language in hopes that we'll be able to communicate with you better and have less tantrums.

7. You stayed with your Dad while your mom went to England for a week and apparently gave him havoc, pretty sure you were both ready for mom to get home!

8. You aren't a napper but you do sleep through the night so we aren't complaining.

9. You still aren't a big vegetable fan but mommy is going to change that!

10. Your smile captures many hearts!

11. I love taking you into stores because you know no stranger!

We love you!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 10 Months Little Guy!

First of all I can't believe it's been a whole month without a new post.......

But more importantly I can't believe you are 10 months old!!!! Wow time flies! I'm always looking forward to the next big milestone you are about to accomplish, that sometimes I'm afraid I miss the here and now, so I'm glad I pondered a bit today to come up with the 10 things about you this month!

1) He has found his tongue! Everything from spatting to making funny shapes with it, he certainly knows he's got this awesome tool!

2) He has started to walk forward while being assisted.

3) Playing chase is the funnest thing in the world to him, between his Daddy, Uncle Andy, and Uncle Luke he sure gets a lot of it!

4) Eating a larger variety of foods, I just now started feeling comfortable giving him what I was eating. He's tried meats, crackers, cereal, candy (with the help of Uncle Andy and soon to be Auntie Ally), a french fry, and he's been inducted into the Dotson clan by having his first sip of Diet Mt. Dew..... yes I gave my child a sip of soda.....goodness gracious!

5) These moveable cars, that are his size, designed to get them to walk are his favorite toy!

6) He is very expressive.....if he doesn't like that you did something or you left the room he'll let you know!

7) Right now he has quite a few blisters on his poor little head. I'm hoping we beat this Mastocytosis thing in the booty pretty soon! I'm so over it (I'm sure he is too!)

8) We've sealed off our first taste of summer with boating, swimming, and rodeos!

9) Let's just say that when he can talk I have a feeling he's going to have quite a bit to say.

10) We had our first Cousins Week and it was hott!!!! We had lots of fun meeting our cousins Trip and Shaeli for the first time!

Getting this picture was quite hard I'll admit. After each click I had to run to get you before you fell to the floor. Even though you squirm and squirm and squirm I love you! It's so exciting to watch you get so tickled about simple little things! My favorite time of the day is when you first wake up and you request your daily cuddle time with mom! I love you little guy!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Happy 9 Months Baby Boy!!!

Baby Titan turned 9 Months old on the 3rd! Can you believe it? I certainly can't! To me he doesn't look like a little baby anymore but rather like a little man! He is so interactive too, it's adorable!

At 9 Months Old:

1) His favorite food is whatever Mommy is eating
2) He loves to pull hair and if he happens to get you watch out it hurts!!!
3) Being outside is his favorite place and he loves watching the puppy dogs
4) He still hasn't really found a food he can't stand although when Mommy introduced the veggie puffs he wasn't thrilled but kept on eating
5) He has already quite the traveler having visited Hawaii and already been on his first boat trip as well as traveling all the way to New Mexico via car
6) His new favorite thing is to pull up into a standing position on legs, couches, and tables
7) His crawl consists of one bent leg and one straight and using the straight one as his propelling force
8) Daddy and Titan are good at mowing the lawn together, it's all about team work
9) Oh this little man loves Cheerios!

Seriously I have the cutest kid ever! Being a mommy is so much more fun now than it was at first! Maybe next time I'll get to enjoy the snuggly sleepy time!!!! He's so fun now!!!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Ok I know it's been a little while since I posted last but I did want to include this picture for my memory book I plan on making of this little blog at the end of the year!

My First Mother's Day = Complete (well almost) Fail

So I assumed (first mistake) that since this was my first Mother's Day my husband would do something special for me and maybe even remember to include Titan's name on the card! I love my husband I really really do but sometimes this man just doesn't get it! ha ha I went with him to the store the day before Mother's Day to pick up our food for the cookout we had at his sister's house and he asked me what I wanted for Mother's Day!!!! Ok personally I'm a huge fan of memories (obviously or I probably wouldn't love my profession!) so I made a big deal of the fact that he hadn't done anything special for me already so there's no point now since I'm already with him in the store about 15 minutes before they close! How am I supposed to write about my first mother's day if seriously there was no effort the entire day to make me feel special?!?!?!!? Maybe he'll get it one day? I even pulled out my awesome little book I've been keeping up with for Titan's first year and he read aloud "What did Daddy and I do to make Mommy's First Mother's Day special?" I think he got the point soon after that.

Now, before you jump down my case about being superficial or unappreciative I want you to realize that if I had let this slide without making a big deal about it, he wouldn't have got the point and thought that from here on out he would get away with not planning anything! I don't really care if I get a present or not, that's not what it's all about, but I do care that I felt special in some way or at least there was an effort put forth to make me feel that way (not a last minute pity gift!) I hope you see my point.

I did however make sure to get a picture of our first Mother's Day right after church so I could document how much Titan loves his Mommy! :)

Friday, May 6, 2011


There was actually a time that I loved going to the dentist and was truly excited about it.....I was young, naive, and probably 10! After I had my first crown things drastically changed. Now I get anxious and often wiggle, shake, cry (just a little), and clasp my hands tight in nervousness. The last few days I've noticed some pain in my mouth along with some large holes in my teeth...not good. I'll be the first to admit I eat a LOT of candy and have no problem admitting a LOT of soda as well. Well apparently that along with the fact that I don't floss regularly (usually only when I eat popcorn or when I randomly think to do it), equals tooth decay and lots of it. So here's my two cents...... go to the dentist to have your teeth cleaned regularly, make sure you brush, floss, and use mouthwash (ACT brand is my favorite), it will be much cheaper that way! I believe I will end up having two root canals along with some root canal costs nearly $1000!!!!

This is a gross picture but I want you to see what I was up against!

I had already planned a dentist appointment probably two weeks prior to this point, but this is what my mouth looked like when I woke up yesterday morning! I was totally mortified! I've never had anything like this happen to me before! DISGUSTING! That is in fact an infected gumline. Thankfully I found a great dentist (Rod Roark in Fayetteville) and he quickly took care of it by draining it and prescribing me an antibiotic. Today it looks just like normal.....thank goodness!!!!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Worried Mom and a Healthy Baby

Every once in a while I get random emails from mothers who have found my blog post about mastocytosis. While I am always excited to meet more mom's who are dealing with this same thing I am not excited that there's so many of us left to battle all these thoughts rumbling around in our heads!

Most days I go about my daily business and the thought that my child has a disease is in the back of my mind. Then there are the days that I get sucked in to the internet and read WAY too much! I get on pages like The Mastocytosis Society on FB and totally get freaked out and start thinking about all the what if's and then usually end up with several snotty tissues by the end of the night. Tonight was one of those nights.

I'm not going to lie but sometimes I get a little overwhelmed that our child has this awful disease and I just start feeling awful thoughts about it developing into Systemic Masto (which involves your internal organs) and having much worse effects such as nausea and vomiting, to name a few. Then to top it off I read, tonight, that people have developed leukemia from this disease! Talk about instant sob mode! Geeesh.

But I'm here to report good news tonight and take that step forward in the right direction. A few weeks ago we visited Children's again (here's the first blog post about our Children's trip) and Titan had some blood drawn to send off for lab work. I asked if they would let me know what his Tryptase levels were. If you didn't know, you and me have levels below 20, the first time they were taken his were 105!!!!! When I asked them to inform me I was quickly reminded by the doctor that he didn't expect them to drop much but they would still let me know. As you can imagine I was smiling from ear to ear and wanted to shout out the news at the wedding I was shooting for my cousin in Utah last weekend when I got a phone call that his Tryptase levels were down to 48!!! I was like a little kid that just got a new puppy! Such joy I found in hearing these silly numbers. I'll be honest I'm not real sure what this actually means, but in my heart they mean he's doing much better! All I know about Tryptase is that by the high level they were able to rule out allergies as the culprit of all those hives and blisters, which lead us to the next step which was a skin biopsy that revealed this disease.

Tuesday was Titan's first time to experience grass. I know this seems silly and not super important but I've been dying to put him in it. I heard one of our doctors mention that a patient was complaining about their child breaking out in blisters when he played in the grass (this lead to finding out the child had masto and this was one of his triggers). We were in town so I decided that was as good of a place as any if he did end up having a reaction from the grass at least we were close to a hospital! Grass experience went really well though! As you can see he really likes it! He kept pulling it and trying to eat it!!! ha ha

On a side note.....we ran out of medicine for him Monday morning and I was unable to pick it up (due to insurance reasons) on Monday evening, meaning he skipped a dose. Then he missed a dose in the morning before we could get up to the pharmacy. This is an example of what his skin does in a short period of time!!! Thankfully this isn't that bad and it soon got better in the afternoon when we could get his meds.

Right now he takes:

Morning- 1/2 tsp. Zantac
- 1/2 tsp. Zyrtec
- rub triamcinolone cream all over him after his bath

Evening - 1/2 tsp. Zantac
- 1/2 tsp. Zyrtec
- 1/2 tsp. Hydroxyzine
- rub triamcinolone cream all over him after his bath

(Epinephrine as needed in emergency)

*He was on Singular as well (which we would give to him in powder form in his bottle in the morning) but he has since been taken off this medicine. Honestly I didn't really see a change.

If you have Masto or a child with Masto I would love to hear from you or even if you just want to be a cheerleader for Titan we'd like to hear from you too!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Mini Birthday!

Around here (probably until he's one) the third of every month is kind of a big deal! It means mommy gets out the camera and documents all day! It means the Razorback rocker gets used. It means our little guy is a solid month older! Today he's 8 months old! Wow time flies!

Titan at 8 months:
-on the verge of crawling (army crawls when he wants to)
-mommy saw him pull himself up twice
-he likes to make spatting noises with his mouth
-he fake coughs and it's adorable
-he loves to play with anything that isn't a toy (LOVES paper!!!)
-his tryptase levels decreased almost by about 50%
-his white blonde hair is starting to grow in more
-he hasn't tried a food he doesn't like

I love my little family!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Alumni Game

My husband recently participated in an Alumni game at their high school. What a great idea and an awesome fundraiser! Everyone who graduated in an odd year was on the same team as well as everyone from an even year. Turns out my husband his brothers and his cousin were all on the same team! Unfortunately I was out of town shooting a wedding but I heard all about it and my husband said it was a whole lot of fun! I'm so glad they did such a great event like that! I know if that was me I would love to return and play some alumni games at my high school! This photo is priceless! I know they will cherish it for a lifetime! There's no other time that they would have all gotten to be in uniform together!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Crawling Soon?

We have a baby boy that really wants to crawl! Hopefully soon he'll figure it out! It looks like he's trying to put all the pieces together!

Monday, April 11, 2011


I can't begin to tell you how many times we've gotten ready in the morning for church and planned what we were going to wear so we could stop for a picture (you have to assume that if you lived in my house you are probably going to have your picture taken daily!). Then I can't explain how many times we totally forgot about it, the weather turned on us, Baby Dotson was asleep, we were in a hurry to get somewhere, I forgot my camera......lots of excuses! Yesterday I put my foot down and thought about this picture ALL day long!

I guess right now I could just stop calling him Baby Dotson and reveal his name to you, but it's more fun to make you keep reading!

Daddy Dotson and I had a really hard time coming up with a baby boy name. You see we were so convinced that since we wanted so badly for our first child to be a boy that we would be blessed with a little girl. We had dreams about little girls, all those myths they say about heart rate led to us believing we had a little girl in there. Her name was going to be Naomi Maye Dotson. I will probably use this name for when we do finally have a girl so if you decide to steal it you better not be in my close proximity or I WILL HUNT YOU DOWN!!!! (ok Momma Bear is done sorry for the brief outburst). We went to the ultrasound appointment on a Thursday and we were determined not to find out what we were having yet. For some reason I wanted to share that information with everyone not just me and husband and ultrasound lady. She discreetly place the images and text in a sealed envelope for us. When we left I KNEW we had to go straight to Rick's Bakery to place our order and get rid of that envelope. You have no idea how many times Daddy Dotson tried to convince me to open that envelope!!!! Temptation was a surety!!! Once at Rick's Bakery I took in our envelope (I'm sure we looked like two giddy high school teenagers!) and carefully explained that I wanted cupcakes made with the coordinating color to the gender of our child. They said no problem but you'll have to pick them up Saturday. We didn't plan on having our party until Sunday so everyone could be there. Backup momma. She loves surprises and I knew they would be safe with her! (thank goodness they were!)

Behind this I had placed the actual ultrasound image from the bakery. I very carefully placed it inside somehow without peeking! I was so nervous bc I certainly didn't want to find out on my own while I was decorating and no one else was even home!

Team Blue (guests were invited and asked to wear the color they thought we were having)

Team Pink (I was totally convinced it was a girl!)

We played tug of war.... (you can watch the video below)

And finally the actual video of when we bit into our cupcakes in front of everyone to find out!!!

Ok enough about the whole Super Awesomely Fun Reveal Party we had...... and on to the whole reason I am writing this post.....the picture!

And of course the story behind it. Since Daddy Dotson and I had such a hard time selecting a name for Baby Dotson we decided to be very open and took LOTS of suggestions! I made an email that we passed back and forth with new names, names we didn't want to throw out yet, and names for girls we came across (just in case the ultrasound was wrong). Some of the names were Cooper, Jet, Catcher, and Gunner. Cooper was too common, Jet was unique enough, Catcher was too odd, and Gunner made me think of a little fat slow kid! One day DD was driving and called me up. He asked me about a name, when he told me my head didn't automatically shake in disgust (trust me this happened a lot) but I wasn't positive about it so I said that's a good one I'll add it to the list but keep thinking just in case. Well fast forward to THE DAY. I knew we would be having Baby Dotson soon since I was feeling the worse pain I've ever felt in my life because for some reason I had this desire to have a natural birth and wanted to prove to myself I could do it? No no no I'll be honest I am so glad that I did it, it was an amazing experience and so empowering! Anyways that's a different story.....back to THE DAY..... Since I knew Baby Dotson was soon making his appearance I put my foot down and said we are going with this name because it's the ONLY one we both agree on....that's when DD tried to bail out on me! He started asking are you sure? Do you really like it? I'm not sure I like it anymore? Is it too weird? Me: "DD we are not going to the hospital until we have a name for him and I expect that we'll be leaving soon so that's his name!" And that was that. Soon after I was able to do some research and found out some neat information about Baby Dotson's name.

Titan means powerful big man and defender. Perfect for a Future Razorback right?!?!?! :)

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Does anyone have some amazing vegetable recipes?!?!? It's time for me to grow up and eat my veggies!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sorry I jumped the blogging boat

Ok viewers, I am so sorry I jumped off the blogging boat the last few days. Something about this awful weather and being stuck at home all week left me feeling like nothing exciting was happening around here. I mean who can work on projects when you can't even go outside because it's raining and 35 degrees during the end of March! Yuck! Well apparently this weekend is supposed to be very nice so bring on some activities!

Friday, March 25, 2011

I'm going to attempt the photo wall!

First we'll start with a before picture:

Yes pretty boring....I know.

Now a few during shots:

This is harder than I imagined it was going to be. I mean really there's so many choices and layouts, imagine all the possibilities, or wait don't just stick with something and run with it!!!

This is what I have so far. Although it could change because I didn't think at all about the colors of the frames so who knows when I actually start putting them up (obviously not right now while everyone else in the house is asleep) I may end up with all black frames in the corner or something.

I also think I am going to get rid of that little side table there and move the couch down, possibly replace it with a tall bookshelf?

I wanted to keep the two canvases in their spots, the third one I decided to take down mostly because I ordered a glossy finish to that one (ordered it first) and when I ordered the last two I didn't think at all about finish and sure enough two matte canvases arrived. I would rather use that image somewhere else through the house than reorder it.

My favorite part is the hanging vintage camera!!!

I can't wait to get this finished!!!!

Do you think I should change something up?

Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Flower Bed Project.....During

I think my husband secretly hates coming home! I mean he must when I get these great ideas.......but I can't possibly do them alone!

We're making progress from the last post!

Yes it's middle March and we haven't gotten our Christmas lights down yet.....don't judge.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

DIY - Thrift Store Finds

I actually found this piece at a surplus store.....which I think are my favorites now!!! I love those places!

Let's start with our BEFORE:


It's a miracle what a little can of Rust-Oleum white spray paint can do!

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